Cultural Programmes


Developing poise and confidence in a new country

If you are relocating to the UK with your family, or sending your child to boarding school or university in Britain, our cultural programmes will help your child to become familiar with British culture and mores.  Children can often feel nervous at the prospect of studying in an unfamiliar country.  Our cultural programmes will help your child to feel comfortable and at home in the UK.

 Our consultants and tutors will develop a tailored programme for your child, focused on his or her unique interests, academic and pastoral needs.  The programme may involve trips to museums, art galleries, music concerts and restaurants. 

Your child will learn British etiquette in these settings and your child’s tutor will be able to provide information on key aspects of British history and everyday life in the UK.   Learning about great playwrights like Shakespeare, the history of the British monarchy and British sporting preferences, amongst other areas, can really help your child to feel confident conversing both with adults and his or her peers at school and university. 

This cultural knowledge will complement your child’s academic studies at school or university. Our aim is to ensure that your child feels confident and at ease with all aspects of British culture.

Our son really benefited from his cultural programme in London.  He told us that he now feels much more confident about starting at this boarding school in September”

Hong Kong family

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